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Frugally Speaking


  Looking to save money? Then you have come to the right place! I am attempting to list all the wonderful money saving or frugal sites that I come across!  Even sites that will help you get your finances in order...which can really help save money! If you come across a site that is not listed, please send me the address and I will add it to this site if appropriate!



Frugal Living Resources

Frugal By Choice

Budget Basics

Simple Living Network

One Income Living In a Two Income World

Frugal Corner

The Dollar Stretcher

Tipz Time

Homespun Ideas

The Frugality Network

Wedding Frugality

Tightwad Central


World-Wide Weddings (Frugal)

The New Homemaker

Tightwad Tess


Money Saver's Hideway Main Page