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Free Internet Access

Yes there are places that offer FREE internet access. Some require you to view ads while you are surfing or to click on ads now an again to stay active, but you get FREE internet access & email!!

Before signing up with any program be sure to read the rules and guidelines. Some may require you to use the service for a given length of time etc. Always be sure to check the access numbers provided by that service to be sure you don't have to make a toll call to connect.

I hope you are one of the lucky ones that have service in your area! Think of the $$ you will save! My internet service is $20 a month! Unfortunately I have not found a program with an access number in my area, but I make sure to check back often.



Worldspy-their site states Free internet access and email. NO floating ad bars!

NetZero-free internet access and email forever.

Freeinet-Free Email, Free Instant Messaging, Free Chat, Free online storage






**The following site is excellent and lists MANY free providers and other important information regarding free internet services!

Free Internet Services



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