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This page will eventually be broke down into the different categories. If you have Science links to add, please EMAIL with "Science" in the subject area. Thanks

Diving For Ocean Treasure

Star Child-Learning Center for Young Astronomers

Official NASA site-dedicated to children 


Backyard Weather Station

Fish Base

Cells Alive

Molecular Probes

Robert Krampf's Science Education Company

Grade Level Lessons K-1

Home Science Adventures

The Annenburg/CPB Projects Exhibits Collection

Crafty Science Projects(Mining Co.)

Frank Potter's Science Gems

Home & School Science Activity Book

NOVA Online

Science Projects & Experiments for Children

Space Telescope

The Constellations

The Nine Planets


Marine Aquarium

Human Heart Sounds

Hidden Killers

The Desert -(Science, Language Arts & Social Studies Activity)

Affordable Science Materials (For Students, Parents & Teachers)

Science Teacher's Resource Center

Flinn Scientific Homepage

Tornado Project Online

Waves-(Science Activity)

Geology of the Grand Canyon

Science Project Research Guide

School Science Fairs

Fun Science Links (some tutorial links as well)

Endangered Species

Endangered Animals of the World

Finding & Watching Frogs

Spring Peepers

Backyard Birding

The Virtual Insectary

Science Daily Magazine

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit

Virtual Microscope (Slide Box)

Physics-free online courses, tutorials and activities

Bubble Mill

Hands On Technology Program

Beachnet-One nice way to integrate oceanography across the curriculum is to take a look at beaches from a Social Studies point of view. Here at Beachnet students can explore the beaches of the mid-Atlantic, plan trips, work within budgets, read maps, follow weather and read classified ads.

Carolina Coastal Science

Chesapeake Bay Bolide (High School Level Presantation)

Seaworld Teacher's Guide

Heping Your Child Learn Science

Science Connection -learning about the cardiovascular system

Exploring Science -free lessons

The Science Spot

Elementary Science Interdisciplanary Lesson Plan

K-12 Science Lesson Plans

Science Made Simple

The Science Club

Science Fair Idea Exchange

UGA Science Fair Resources

Explore Science

General Science Education Resources

Animal Science

Food Science & Nutrition

Neuroscience for Kids Worksheets

Biology Student Notes

Inventions Worksheets

Interactive Astronomy & Space Science Lesson Grades 5-9

Physlink-PhysLink has the periodic table, conversions and constants, multiples and prefixes, atomic time and Nobel Prize information, particle and surface equations, and more. In short, it is the place to look it up if you're a serious physics specimen.

Backyard Discoveries

Watermelons- how to grow them, math quiz, puppets and more!



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